Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The "wrist-rotate" function never worked at Burning Man, and the "wrist-fold" function didn't work too well. Luckily, there was enough time before shipping the Hand off to Australia to get the wrist functions sorted out. This video shows one of the first successful tests of these motions, as well as the brand new control station (which, like the Hand, runs off the main hydraulic power unit.)

Toby and I will drive the Hand to Los Angeles next week to transfer it into a shipping container bound for Brisbane, Australia! (I think I'm going to have separation anxiety....)


Nancy said...

I found your website by accident, searching for a very old friend. I don't know if the Toby you had helping is the friend I was looking for. But on the off chance it's him could you pass along my email and tell him I was thinking of him. If it's him he'll recognize the name. Thanks so much, and good luck in Australia! nhenschel@gmail.com

Captain said...

I saw your installation at the Big Day Out on the Gold Coast, It was one of the best I've seen at that festival. Truly amazing.
Now, when you're able to allow punters to slip into the glove to control the hand..... that will be madness. :D:D Thank you for your amazing pieces, it was enjoyed and appreciated by many!

itravelnet said...

Welcome to Australia! I saw this at the Melbourne BDO - what an awesome piece of machinery.

I have put a video of Hand Of Man on my blog as well.


fults said...

G-day fellas how are we going? Got use to the short shorts yet?? i told you they are a amazingly comfortable way to live your life!!!haha. but yeah have fun moving the hand around the world!!! It was great to be apart of carting it around the the sunburnt country of aussieland!!!!
cheers old mates!!!

Tony 'the trucker'Fulton

ps if yous want to send me those pics that'd be swell.