Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've been playing around in Google SketchUp (a very cool, free, program) and beginning to model the Hand.

So far I have only modeled the central core of the base section, as this is the part that I am going to start working on first.

Although SketchUp is an inherently 3D program (which means the models are all in 3D - you can zoom around and view them from whatever side you like) the best I can do on this here blog is to post a snapshot..... so here:

Also, my good friend and co-conspirator Justin Gray may very well have found the engine that will run the Power Unit. It is a Perkins 1104C-44T four cylinder Turbo Diesel, with somewhere around 80-90 HP.

Here's a pic:Keen observers will notice that this already has a hydraulic pump attached, so.... if everything checks out on this unit (and we are able to find a starter motor for the engine to replace the one that is mysteriously absent...) this could be a very sweet find.

It's Sunday afternoon, and I am going to make some lists of the steel I will be ordering tomorrow so I can start building later this week (!!!!)

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