Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ugggh. I'm turning into a computer zombie. Sketchup is a bit addictive. I've been sitting in front of this little screen for 5 or 6 hours. Ugggh.I've modeled the forearm skin (I'm not really super committed to this geometry or anything, just wanted to see what it would look like with some "meat") and thickened the palm "bones" (or metacarpals). And, this image is shown with "x-ray" faces, so you can see inside. Neato!

Also, Justin did get the Perkins diesel. Cool. I'll be picking it up at Maker Faire in May.

Time to rest the eyes.

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bionicscionospheres said...

I saw your Hand of Man on the
channel about a year ago, and was immediately blown away by it. It had everything I like in my sculpture Metal, Pneumatics , interactivity and of course the ability to crush stuff.

Big Hand Fan

Gordon Kern